Dysbiosis describes a microbial imbalance within the human body. Simply put, it is an imbalance of good versus bad bacteria.
Everyone feels tired some of the time - it's natural, particularly if you have a hectic schedule and a busy family and work life. However, it is not natural to feel stressed and exhausted most of the time.
The body has the very important task of keeping different parts of the body at different pH levels - for it to operate smoothly. While blood may be slightly alkaline, for example, other parts will be slightly acidic.
Our body is made up of between 60% to 70% water. This should tell us that we have to make sure that we keep this level constant.
Before we can talk about how much protein we need, we should first understand the following: […]
This fungus and single-cell organism is actually useful to humans...in the right amount. It feeds off excess sugar in our bodies. Once the sugar goes down, it naturally dies off.
What is your idea of a DIET or DIETING?